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Original Italian 40 inch x 56 inch Poster for the 1969 Pier Paolo Pasolini Drama PIGSTY (IL PORCILE) starring Pierre Clementi, Jean Pierre Léaud, Alberto Lionello and Ugo Tognazzi.

The film contains two parallel stories. The first one is set in an unknown time and is about a young man (Clémenti) who wanders in a volcanic landscape (shot around Etna) and becomes a cannibal. Joining forces with a thug (Citti) they ravage the countryside until they eventually get arrested. At his execution, the young man recites the famous tagline of the film: “I killed my father, I ate human flesh and I quiver with joy.” The story is about the human capacity for destruction and a rebellion against the social prerequisites implied against it.

The second story concerns Herr Klotz (Lionelli), a German industrialist and his young son Julian (Léaud) who live in 1960s Germany. Julian, rather than passing time with his radically politicised fiancée Ida (Wiazemsky), prefers to build relationships with pigs. Herr Klotz, on the other hand, attempts to solve his rivalry with fellow industrialist Herdhitze (Tognazzi). The two industrialists join forces while Julian gets eaten by pigs in the sty. Klotz and Herdhitze conceal the event to avoid a scandal. The story tries to provide a link between the Third Reich and Wirtschaftswunder Germany.

The poster art is by Angelo Cesselon (1922 – 1992). Angelo Cesselon belongs to a group of poster designers particularly active in the field of Italian poster design between 1945 and 1975. His unmistakable portrait style created a new trend in film poster design of the 1950s and 1960s.

The poster is in very good folded condition. There are 2 censor stamps in the top right corner.

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Original Italian 40 inch x 56 inch Poster