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Original German 33 inch x 46 inch Poster for the 1967 Jacques Tati French Comedy PLAYTIME starring Jacques Tati as Monsieur Hulot, Barbara Dennek, Jacqueline Lecomte, Valérie Camille, France Rumilly, France Delahalle and Rita Maiden.

Playtime takes as its setting an ultra-modern Paris where familiar landmarks appear only as fleeting reflections in the new buildings of glass and steel. Alternating between Hulot and a group of American tourists, Tati exploits the chaos just below the overly ordered surface of this brave new world. Again moving from one nearly wordless episode to another, Tati sends his alter ego off to make an appointment in a whirring, featureless office complex. He subsequently moves on to an exhibition of new inventions, meets an old friend at an aquarium-like apartment, wreaks havoc in a snooty new restaurant, and, again, almost falls in love.

Poster art by Jürgen Pankarz. Born in Poznan in 1943, Pankarz grew up in Sweden, Lübeck and Duisburg. He trained as a cartoonist in Düsseldorf from 1959-1962 and then worked for seven years in the Essen advertising agency ´Die Werbe´. He has been a freelance graphic artist and illustrator since 1969. His distinctive style can be found on numerous record and CD covers, posters, children’s games, puzzles and in books for children and adults.

The poster is in fine folded condition.

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Original German 33 inch x 46 inch Poster