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Original Polish 23 inch x 33 inch Poster for the 1974 Andrzej Wajda Drama THE PROMISED LAND (ZIEMIA OBIECANA), based on a novel by Wladyslaw Reymont and starring Daniel Olbrychski, Wojciech Pszoniak, Andrzej Seweryn, Kalina Jedrusik and Anna Nehrebecka.

Set in the industrial city of Lódz, The Promised Land tells the story of a Pole, a German, and a Jew struggling to build a factory in the raw world of 19th-century capitalism.

Wajda presents a shocking image of the city, with its dirty and dangerous factories and ostentatiously opulent residences devoid of taste and culture. The film follows in the footsteps of Charles Dickens, Émile Zola and Maxim Gorky, as well as German expressionists such as Knopf, Meidner and Grosz, who gave testimony of social protest.

The Poster Art is by Cyprian Koscielniak. Born in 1948, graduate of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Graphic and poster designer.

The poster is in very good unfolded (rolled) condition.

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Original Polish 23 inch x 33 inch Poster