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Original 1842 12 inch x 10 inch Engraving titled QUEEN ELIZABETH AND THE DUKE OF YORK (KING RICHARD III)

Interior of palace; Queen with Duke, as a boy, with Archbishop of Canterbury and another member of clergy.

Engraved by John Henry Robinson (1796 – 1871). A line, stipple and occasional mezzotint engraver from Bolton. He was apprenticed to James Heath between 1814-1818 and then set up initially as a book-illustrator. He engraved portraits and prints after popular contemporary painters, e.g. Landseer. He fought a long battle to win respect from the Royal Academy as a line-engraver and was eventually elected Associate Member of the Royal Academy in 1856.

After Edward Matthew Ward (1816 – 1879).

From “The Works of Shakespeare” edited by Charles Knight and published by Virtue & Co.

The engraving is in very good condition.

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