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Original 23 7/8 inch x 32 3/8 inch Engraving titled QUEEN VICTORIA OPENS HER SEVENTH PARLIAMENT.

Engraving by Mason Jackson (1819 – 1903). Wood-engraver and journalist, born in Ovingham, Northumberland. He was established in London by 1846 as principal engraver for the ‘Art Union of London,’ 1850-60. Engraved for the ‘Illustrated London News,’ 1850-78, and became the first historian of illustrated journalism in England, ‘The Pictorial Press: Its Origins and Progress,’ 1885. Exhibited landscape paintings at the Royal Academy, 1856-79.

From The Illustrated London News February 17th, 1866

One of the primary originators of pictorial journalism was the British, “Illustrated London News”. Established by Herbert Ingram (1811-1860), the “Illustrated London News” published its initial number in 1842 and continued well into the twentieth century. Throughout its life, skilled artists maintained a very high level of craftsmanship in their illustrative art. Hence, for well over one hundred years, these original engravings have attracted serious collectors who recognize both the historic and artistic value of these images. In fact, one of the first avid collectors of these engravings was Vincent Van Gogh, who, for several years, entertained thoughts of working as an illustrative artist for the publication.

The engraving is in very good condition with one vertical fold and one horizontal fold. Reverse side blank.

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