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Original Mexican 27 inch x 37 1/4 inch Poster for the 1955 Benito Alazraki Mexican Drama RAICES (ROOTS), (a collection of 4 short movies entitled “Las Vacas”, “Nuestra Senora”, “El Tuerto”, and “La Potranca”) starring Beatriz Flores, Juan de la Cruz, Olimpia Alazraki, Doctor Gonzalez, Miguel Angel Negron, Antonia Hernandez, Alicia del Lago, Carlos Robles Gil and narrated by Fernando Marcos.


  • ”Las Vacas” depicts the struggle for survival of a poverty-stricken Otomi couple.
  • “Nuestra Senora”. An American anthropology student, comes to the conclusion that the Chamulas are savages because one of them baptizes his son with the name of the first animal to pass in front of his house.
  • “El Tuerto” tells of a one-eyed boy who is tormented by the other children. His mother takes him to a witch-doctor to be cured, but a firecracker accident blinds his other eye. He is now happy because blind people are respected.
  • “La Potranca” relates the efforts of a foreign anthropologist in Veracruz to bed a young Indian girl.



Poster art by Josep Renau Berenguer (1907 – 1982). An artist and communist revolutionary notable for his propaganda work during the Spanish Civil War.

The poster is in very good folded condition.

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Original Mexican 27 inch x 37 1/4 inch Poster