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Original Italian 12 3/4 inch x 27 1/2 inch Locandina Poster for the 1963 Aram Katcher Crime Drama RIGHT HAND OF THE DEVIL starring Aram Katcher, Lisa McDonald, Brad Trumbull and James V. Christy.

A sleazy but ingenious criminal masterminds a heist at a sold-out sports arena. He hires a motley crew of henchmen, seduces the middle-aged head cashier, and plans some brutal ruses to elude the law. But he’s his own worst enemy.

The poster art is by Renato Casaro (born 1935). Casaro is considered to be one of the most important, influential and innovative Italian’s film poster artists producing hundreds of works dedicated to the cinema. In 1953, at the age of 18, he joined Studio Favalli, a famous design and art studio in Rome. Three years later he opened his own studio. In 1965 Dino De Laurentiis hired Casaro to design the poster images for the film The Bible: In the Beginning and he went on to design several more posters for De Laurentiis. His career then blossomed working for several different directors and film companies.

The poster is in good to very good condition with a few horizontal folds and some printing in the upper blank border.

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Original Italian 12 3/4 inch x 27 1/2 inch Locandina Poster