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Original British 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch 8 Page Trade Advertisement from Kinematograph Weekly for RKO PICTUTRES 1950

Films Include

  • CINDERELLA starring Dana Andrews and Farley Granger
  • TREASURE ISLAND starring Bobby Driscoll and Robert Newton.
  • THE SECRET FURY starring Claudette Colbert and Robert Ryan
  • BORN TO BE BAD starring Joan Fontaine, Robert Ryan and Zachary Scott
  • THE WHITE TOWER starring Glenn Ford, Valli, Claude Rains and Oscar Homolka
  • WHERE DANGER LIVES starring Robert Mitchum and Faith Domergue
  • EDGE OF DOOM starring Dana Andrews and Farley Granger
  • COME SHARE MY LOVE starring Irene Dunne and Fred MacMurray.
  • OUR VERY OWN starring Ann Blyth and Farley Granger
  • WALK SOFTLY, STRANGER starring Joseph Cotten and Valli
  • THE WOMAN ON PIER 13 starring Laraine Day and Robert Ryan
  • MAD WEDNESDAY starring Harold Lloyd
  • THE STORY OF A DIVORCE (PAYMENT ON DEMAND) starring Bette Davis and Barry Sullivan.
  • VENDETTA starring Faith Domergue
  • SONS OF THE MUSKETEERS starring Cornel Wilde and Maureen O’Hara
  • JET PILOT starring John Wayne and Janet Leigh
  • HIS KIND OF WOMAN starring Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell and Vincent Price
  • ROSEANNA McCOY starring Joan Evans and Farley Granger
  • ALIAS MIKE FURY starring Victor Mature and Terry Moore.
  • APPOINTMENT IN SAMARRA starring Gregory Peck
  • CARRIAGE ENTRANCE (MY FORBIDDEN PAST) starring Robert Mitchum and Ava Gardner
  • IT’S ONLY MONEY (DOUBLE DYNAMITE) starring Frank Sinatra, Jane Russell and Groucho Marx
  • MONTANA BELLE starring Jane Russell and George Brent
  • TWO TICKETS TO BROADWAY starring Janet Leigh
  • O, MISTRESS MINE starring Cary Grant
  • MAD WITH MUCH HEART (ON DANGEROUS GROUND) starring Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan and Ward Bond
  • THE GAUNT WOMAN (SEALED CARGO) starring Dana Andrews

RKO Pictures was an American film production and distribution company. In its original incarnation, as RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. (a subsidiary of Radio-Keith-Orpheum, aka: RKO) it was one of the Big Five studios of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

RKO has long been renowned for its cycle of musicals starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the mid-to-late 1930s. Actors Katharine Hepburn and, later, Robert Mitchum had their first major successes at the studio. Cary Grant was a mainstay for years. The work of producer Val Lewton’s low-budget horror unit and RKO’s many ventures into the field now known as film noir have been acclaimed, largely after the fact, by film critics and historians. The studio produced two of the most famous films in motion picture history: King Kong and Citizen Kane. RKO was also responsible for notable co-productions such as It’s a Wonderful Life and Notorious, and it also distributed many celebrated films by animation producer Walt Disney (from 1937 to the mid-1950s) and leading independent producer Samuel Goldwyn. Maverick industrialist Howard Hughes took over RKO in 1948.

The Advertisement is in very good condition with slightly rusted staple holes

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