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Original 1940 Re-Release British 17 inch x 11 inch Double-Sided Trade Advertisement for the 1935 Marion Gering Musical Drama RUMBA starring Carole Lombard, George Raft, Margo, Lynne Overman, Gail Patrick, Iris Adrian, Monroe Owsley, Samuel S. Hinds, Jane Wyman and Ann Sheridan.

A bored society girl sets her sights on a dancer in a Broadway show.

On the reverse is the 1940 James P. Hogan Western TEXAS RANGERS RIDE AGAIN starring Ellen Drew, John Howard, Akim Tamiroff, May Robson, Broderick Crawford, Charley Grapewin, John Miljan, William Duncan, Anthony Quinn, Monte Blue and Eddie Acuff.

With thousands of cattle being rustled from White Sage ranch the 1930’s Texas Rangers are called in. They manage to get one of their agents into the gang by making them think he is the Pecos Kid on the lam.

The Advertisement is in very good condition with a small sliver out of the tope edge.

Trade advertisements are colourful posters aimed at cinema managers, which were either slipped in, or part of, the weekly film trade journals which were available to them by subscription but were not sold to the general public. Most were designed to be pulled out, and some were attached by staples. Most have the date in tiny letters in one of the top corners.

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