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Original British 20 inch x 30 inch Double Crown Poster for the 1952 Thorold Dickinson Ealing Studios Drama SECRET PEOPLE starring Valentina Cortese, Audrey Hepburn, Serge Reggiani, Charles Goldner and Megs Jenkins.

”The film is centred on the revulsion of the heroine when she finds that her readiness to join a plot against the right-wing dictator who killed her father years ago, and who is visiting Britain, has led her into a cell of fanatics indifferent to human suffering. It was attacked on release by left-wing groups, was cut and little seen, and has since been a subject of intermittent controversy.” (Charles Barr)

The poster art is by S John Woods.

S John Woods worked for Fox in the 1930s, designed posters for the Old Vic, Covent Garden and Sadlers Wells before joining Ealing Studios’ advertising department in 1943 employing well known artists to design their posters.

The poster is in very good unfolded (rolled) condition with two repaired tears in the top left corner.

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