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inal 9 3/4 inch x 7 3/4 inch Black and White Still of STEPHEN MURRAY & TOM WALLS in the 1943 Sergei Nolbandov Ealing Studios War Movie UNDERCOVER, based on the novel by Nicholas Monsarrat.

Second World War drama set in Yugoslavia. When Germans occupy the country, the patriotic Petrovitch family’s son, Milosch, becomes a guerrilla leader, whille the other son, a surgeon in Belgrade, Stefan, tactically pretends to be a quisling. When some village schoolboys are punished for their part in helping Milosch’s wife escape from a Nazi interrogation, the old Petrovich father is outraged by Milosch’s refusal to take swift, local recriminatory action but to stick instead to more strategic orders from above. When the resistance plans to destroy a key railway tunnel, the father takes matters into his own hands, leading his sons facing a difficult decision about the tunnel.

The still is in very good condition apart from 2 file holes at the left edge

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