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3 Original 10 inch x 8 inch Front-of-House Stills (Lobby Cards) of PETER FINCH, DANA WILSON & ROSEMARY HARRIS in the 1957 Leslie Norman Ealing Studios Australian Drama THE SHIRALEE, based on the novel by D’Arcy Niland.

Tale of the wanderings of a Sydney man, ‘Mac’ Macauley, who takes to the road with five-year-old daughter, Buster, after finding his neglected wife, Marge, living with another man. Mac and Buster go from town to town looking for a job, though having a young daughter often proves an obstacle to finding work. Though fiercely proud and unwilling to ask for charity, Mac calls on old friends and acquaintances when Buster falls ill, and along the way learns that he ocne got an old flame pregnant. When, after a traffic accident, Marge tries to get Buster back via the courts, purely to spite Mac, Mac uses all his resilience to keep Buster with him.

The stills are in very good condition with minor faults.

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