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Original 1866 9 1/2 inch x 7 5/8 inch engraving titled THE SIGNAL

A young woman standing at an open window and looking down, wearing a large dark garment, pushing the curtain to the left, holding a fan in her right hand and a rose in her left hand, a rose-tree in a large flower pot on the right.

Engraving by Joseph Franck (1825 – 1883). Born in Belgium, Franck was a pupil of Luigi Calamatta. He executed engravings after the old and modern masters, especially Rubens, Leonardo da Vinci, van Dyck, Portaels, Gérome and Metsys. In 1854 he was elected a member of the royal academy of Belgium.

After John Phillip (1817 – 1867). A Scottish painter best known for his portrayals of Spanish life which he began after a trip to Spain in 1851. He was nicknamed “Spanish Phillip”.

Published in the Art Journal by J.S. Virtue & Co. Ltd., London.

Page size 12 7/8 inch x 9 3/8 inch

The engraving, on fairly thick paper, is in very good condition. Reverse side blank.

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