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Original 15 3/4 inch x 23 1/2 inch Engraving titled THE SIGNING OF THE PEACE, SAN STEFANO, MARCH 3, 1878.

Characters include: General Ignatieff’s secretary, Sadoulah Pasha, Safvet Pasha, General Ignatieff and General Nelidow.

The Preliminary Treaty of San Stefano was a treaty between Russia and the Ottoman Empire signed at San Stefano, then a village west of Constantinople, on 3 March 1878 by Count Nicholas Pavlovich Ignatiev and Aleksandr Nelidov on behalf of the Russian Empire and Foreign Minister Safvet Pasha and Ambassador to Germany Sadoullah Bey on behalf of the Ottoman Empire. The treaty ended the Russo-Turkish War, 1877–78.

Print by Joseph Nash Jr.. A marine painter and a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water-Colours.

From The Graphic March 23, 1878

The Graphic was a British weekly illustrated newspaper, first published on 4 December 1869 by William Luson Thomas’s company Illustrated Newspapers Limited. It continued to be published weekly under this title until 23 April 1932 and then changed title to The National Graphic between 28 April and 14 July 1932; it then ceased publication, after 3,266 issues.

The engraving is in very good condition with 1 vertical centre fold.

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