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Original Double-Sided British 11 inch x 17 inch Trade Advertisement from Kinematograph Weekly for the 1958 William Fairchild War Film THE SILENT ENEMY starring Laurence Harvey, Michael Craig, Dawn Addams, Gianna Maria Canale, John Clements, Sidney James, Alec McCowen, Nigel Stock, Ian Whittaker, Arnoldo Foà, Massimo Serato, Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Carlo Giustini, David Lodge, Ewen Solon, Brian Oulton, Howard Marion-Crawford, Cyril Shaps, Lee Montague, Terence Longdon, Harold Siddons, Derren Nesbitt and Yvonne Romain.

In Gibraltar harbour, during the World War II, Axis forces are using frogmen and manned torpedoes to attack previously impregnable harbours. The Allied forces need to come up with something to answer this threat, which they find in the form of Lt. Lionel “Buster” Crabb.

The Advertisement is in very good condition with one vertical centre fold.


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