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Original British 40 inch x 81 inch 3-Sheet Poster for the 1955 Muriel Box Comedy SIMON AND LAURA, based on the West End play by Alan Melville and starring Peter Finch, Kay Kendall, Muriel Pavlow, Hubert Gregg, Maurice Denham, Ian Carmichael, Richard Wattis, Thora Hird, Terence Longdon, Alan Wheatley, Nicholas Parsons, Joan Hickson, Charles Hawtrey, Cyril Chamberlain, Marianne Stone, Muriel George, Gilbert Harding, Isobel Barnett, Brian Wilde, Esma Cannon, Julia Arnall, Susan Beaumont, Jill Ireland, Peter Haigh, Shirley Anne Field and Ian Hendry.

Married Kendall and Finch are TV soap stars, but off screen they’re not the ideal couple the public imagines. The 2 stars are splendidly matched in this pleasantly dated satire.

Printed by W.E. Berry, Ltd., Bradford

The poster is in good to very good folded condition in two separate sheets. There is a crescent shaped tear at the top centre of the bottom sheet, a diagonal tear in the bottom left corner of the top sheet and a few small holes scattered throughout

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Original British 40 inch x 81 inch 3-Sheet Poster