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Very rare original British 11 inch x 17 1/2 inch 4 page Pressbook for the 1940 John Paddy Carstairs Ealing Studios Comedy SPARE A COPPER starring George Formby, Dorothy Hyson, Bernard Lee, George Merritt, John Warwick, Bryan Herbert, Warburton Gamble, John Turnbull, James Woodburn, Eliot Makeham, Ellen Pollock, Charles Carson, Aubrey Mallalieu, Edward Lexy, Grace Arnold, Cyril Chamberlain, Jimmy Godden, Hal Gordon, Laurence Kitchin, Jack Melford, Beryl Reid, Johnnie Schofield, Bill Shine, Ronald Shiner and Jack Vyvyan.

The fifth-column menace is flourishing on Merseyside, with well-placed traitors sabotaging the shipyards. George is a wartime special constable who overcomes his ineptitude to foil a dastardly Nazi plot.

The pressbook is in very good condition with 1 horizontal fold and a nick in the bottom edge.

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