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Original 10 inch x 8 inch Black and White Still of RONALD COLMAN & BLANCHE SWEET in the 1925 Marshall Neilan Romance THE SPORTING VENUS

Lady Gwendolyn (Blanche Sweet, who, at the time, was married to Marshall Neilan) is the daughter of Sir Alfred Grayle, a wealthy Scotsman (Edward Martindel). Because her mother is dead and Sir Alfred wanted a boy, Gwendolyn grows up sharing his passion for sports. When she meets commoner Donald McAllen, a medical student, (Ronald Colman), she falls in love with him. Prince Carlos (Lew Cody), who is heavily in debt, contrives to get his hands on her fortune. McAllen goes away to war and when he returns, Carlos informs him, falsely, that he is engaged to Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn cannot understand why McAllen is treating her so coldly, and she buries her depression in a round of wild parties. She eventually does agree to marry Carlos, but her lawyer discovers his game and she unceremoniously dumps him. Her lifestyle has weakened her health, and she returns to Scotland. McAllen, now a wealthy man, rescues Gwendolyn, who has become delirious and jumped into the water. The couple are at last reunited.

The still is in very good condition with 4 tiny holes visible here as white dots. There is a 3/8 inch tear in the top edge, border only.

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Original 10 inch x 8 inch Black and White Still