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Original Argentine 29 inch x 43 inch Poster for the 1955 Zoltan Korda & Terence Young Adventure STORM OVER THE NILE, based on the novel “The Four Feathers” by A.E.W. Mason and starring Laurence Harvey, Anthony Steel, James Robertson Justice, Mary Ure, Geoffrey Keen, Ronald Lewis, Ian Carmichael, Jack Lambert, Raymond Francis, Michael Hordern, Ferdy Mayne, Christopher Lee, Avis Scott and Sam Kydd.

Filmed and set in the Sudan, it tells of Harry Faversham (Anthony Steel, The Queens), one of a group of close friends in the British Regiment. When he abruptly resigns his commission, his friends and fiancée each give him a white feather: the symbol of cowardice. His struggle to regain his reputation forms the backbone of this thrilling tale.

The poster is in very good folded condition.

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Original Argentine 29 inch x 43 inch Poster