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Original 1893 7 inch x 9 3/4 inch Etching titled SWEETHEARTS AND WIVES.

‘On the first rumour of impending difficulties between the Scotch and English, the Moss-troopers would sweep swiftly over the country taking every head of cattle within reach – frequently plundering both sides with equal impartiality, and returning to the security of their castles to be welcomed home by their wives and sweethearts, who were nearly as enthusiastic in the matter as themselves’.

Etched by Charles Oliver Murray (1842 – 1923). A Scottish artist and printmaker, born in the village of Denholm in Roxburghshire. Murray trained at the Trustees’ Academy in Edinburgh and moved to London by 1872. He was elected a Fellow of the Society of Painter-Etchers on 7 May 1881. He had his work published widely in both The Portfolio and The Art Journal from the 1870s onwards, and frequently exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1872 onwards.

After Samuel Edmund Waller (1850 – 1903). An English painter of genre pictures.

Inscription under the title: “From the Henry Tate Collection.”

Printed by James Sprent Virtue & Co. Limited.

Published in the Art Journal 1893

Page size 12 1/2 inch x 9 1/4 inch

The etching is in very good condition. Reverse side blank.

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Original 1893 7 inch x 9 3/4 inch Etching