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Original Danish 10 inch x 14 inch Poster for the 1975 Mette Knudsen & Elisabeth Rygaard Danish Drama TAKE IT LIKE A MAN, MADAM! (TA’ DET SOM EN MAND, FRUE!), produced by The Red Sisters Collective and starring Tove Maës, Alf Lassen, Flemming Quist Møller and Cæcilie Nordgreen.

The film is about a 50-year old woman middle class woman, who has been leading an ordinary, happy life of a housewife and mother with an ordinary husband for 30 years and now wants to enter the job market. She developes the typical symptoms of a ‚ housewife neurosis’ and has a dream, in which gender roles are switched around.

The poster is in fine folded condition.


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