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Original British 17 inch x 11 inch Trade Advertisement from Kinematograph Weekly for the 1951 John Paddy Carstairs Comedy TALK OF A MILLION, based on the novel “They Got What They Wanted” by Louis d’Alton and starring Jack Warner, Barbara Mullen, Noel Purcell, Niall McGinnis, Michael Dolan, Rona O’Casey, Vincent Ball, Alfie Bass, Sidney James and Milo O’Shea.

Shakespeare-loving Bartley Murnahan, (Jack Warner), is a likeable, work-shy idler, who allows creditors and others to believe that he’s due a half-a-million pounds inheritance. Using only his wits and the new estimation in which his creditors and others then form of him, their sudden good-will and business co-operation allow him to write-off his debts, establish his impoverished family in business, and to marry his daughter to the son of a local landowner, whose Father had formerly scorned her. How long shall it take before everyone sees through his blarney? .

The Advertisement is in very good condition with a vertical centre fold and 2 staple holes along it.


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