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Original 1948 Danish 24 1/2 inch x 33 1/2 Poster for the 1944 David Lean Drama THIS HAPPY BREED, written by Noel Coward and starring Celia Johnson, Robert Newton, John Mills, Kay Walsh, Stanley Holloway, Amy Veness and Alison Leggatt.

David Lean brings to vivid emotional life Noël Coward’s epic chronicle of a working-class family in the London suburbs over the course of the two decades between the World Wars. Robert Newton and Celia Johnson are surpassingly affecting as Frank and Ethel Gibbons, a couple with three children whose modest household is touched by joy and tragedy from the tail end of the First World War to the beginning of the Second. With its mix of politics and melodrama, This Happy Breed is a quintessential British domestic drama, featuring subtly expressive Technicolor cinematography by Ronald Neame and a remarkable supporting cast including John Mills, Stanley Holloway and Kay Walsh.

Poster art by Kurt Wenzel (1899 – 1996).

The poster is in very good folded condition with a censor stamp at upper left and a few short edge tears.

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Original 1948 Danish 24 1/2 inch x 33 1/2 Poster