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Original 1958 Polish 23 inch x 33 inch Poster for the 1957 Sacha Guitry & Clement Duhour Comedy THREE MAKE A PAIR (LES 3 FONT LA PAIRE), based on the play by Jack Roffey and starring Michel Simon, Sophie Desmarets, Philippe Nicaud, Jean Rigaux and Clement Duhour.

Jojo’s ambition is to become a gangster, but to be admitted into a gang he has to prove himself by committing a daring act. To that end, he kills someone in broad daylight, not knowing that his victim is an actor who is playing a scene in a film directed by a cranky film-maker (Darry Cowl). The murder is caught on film, leading Commissaire Bernard (Michel Simon) to think that the killer will be easy to find. Sure enough, Bernard soon makes his arrest, a clown from a circus, but then he faces an almost insurmountable problem. The clown has an identical twin, who is also a clown with the same circus. Both men claim to be innocent… .

Poster art by Franciszek Starowieyski (1930 – 2009).

Franciszek Starowieyski was a painter, illustrator, printmaker, poster artist, theatre and TV set designer dividing his time between the ateliers of Warsaw and Paris, making some 300 posters and earning the name of one of the finest representatives of the Polish school of posters.

The poster is in very good folded condition with one horizontal centre fold.

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Original 1958 Polish 23 inch x 33 inch Poster