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Original Danish 24 1/2 inch x 33 1/2 inch Poster for the 1955 Michael Truman Ealing Comedy TOUCH AND GO starring Jack Hawkins, Margaret Johnston, Roland Culver, John Fraser, June Thorburn and James Hayter.

Jim Fletcher (Jack Hawkins) is a designer with a furniture company. He tries to persuade them to turn out ‘modern’ furniture to his design. The boss rejects the proposal, stating baldly that ‘traditional design is the best design’. Fletcher storms out and decides to emigrate with his family to Australia. Eventually, in an effort to keep him, his boss offers him all he has aked for, and comes round in person to renew the offer on the day of departure, when the taxi is all loaded up to go. The family decide to stay.

Poster art by Benny Stilling

The poster is in very good folded condition with some pinholes around the edges of the poster and a Danish “Statens Filmcensur” censor ink pad stamp in one corner

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Original Danish 24 1/2 inch x 33 1/2 inch Poster