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Original French 23 inch x 31 inch Poster for the 1954 Herbert Wilcox Comedy TROUBLE IN THE GLEN, from the story by Maurice Walsh and starring Margaret Lockwood, Orson Welles, Forrest Tucker, Victor McLaglen, John McCallum, Margaret McCourt, Archie Duncan and Janet Barrow.

Poster art by Joelle Marquet

Major Jim “Lance” Lansing, an American ex-pilot of the U.S. Air Corps, returns to Scotland after the war and finds much trouble in the glen where he settles because of the high-handed activities of the local laird, Sandy Mengues, a wealthy South American who, with his daughter Marissa, has returned to the land of his forefathers. Led by Lansing, the people eventually prevail upon Mengues to restore peace to the glen, but not before a brief and unconvincing fight between Lansing and Dukes, the Mengues foreman

The poster is in very good folded condition with a tiny separation at the crossfold and at the ends of the foldlines and a 1/2″ tear in the lower right blank corner.

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Original French 23 inch x 31 inch Poster