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Original British 11 inch x 8 1/2 inch Trade Advertisement for the 1954 Harry Watt Ealing Studios Adventure WEST OF ZANZIBAR starring Anthony Steel, Sheila Sim, William Simons, Orlando Martins, Martin Benson, Peter Illing, David Osieli, Bethlehem Sketch and Howard Marion-Crawford.

When their region suffers a drought, the rural Galana tribe move to Mombasa. The tribe’s peaceful ways are destroyed by the influence of illegal ivory traders. Game warden, Bob Payton, turns detective travelling to Zanzibar to discover the ringleader behind the ivory smuggling.

Advert art by Harry Winslade (1901 – 1980). Winslade was born in Farnham, Surrey and lived for most of his adult life in Stoneleigh, Surrey. He was a painter in gouache and watercolour and also a cartoonist, at one time working for Artists Partners Agency at Hyde Park, London. From the early 1950s he began a career in the comics industry producing features for ‘Eagle’, ‘Girl’, ‘Swift’, ‘The Hornet’, ‘Wizard’, ‘Mickey Mouse Weekly’, ‘Rocket’ and ‘Express Weekly’. In 1955 he produced a series of historical paintings as carriage prints for British Rail London Midlad Region.

The advert is in very good condition.

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