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Original British 27 inch by 40 inch 1-Sheet Poster for the 1959 Lewis Allen Drama WHIRLPOOL, based on the novel “The Lorelei” by Lawrence P. Bachmann and starring Juliette Greco, O.W. Fischer, William Sylvester, Marius Goring and Muriel Pavlow.

The ex-girlfriend (Juliette Greco) of a German fugitive hides with the captain (O.W. Fischer) and crew of a ship on the Rhine..

Poster art by Nicola Simbari (1927 – 2012). Born in San Lucido, Calabria, though raised in Rome, Simbari attended the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma and opened his own studio at the age of 22 at Via del Babuino in the centre of the city. From the outset Simbari undertook commercial commissions alongside work for fine art exhibitions. Many early commissions were illustrations for theatre publicity which led to work for Italian and then international cinema. He had a one man show at Arthur Jeffries Gallery in London from 1957 – 1959.

Printed by W.E. Berry, Ltd., Bradford

The poster is in fine folded condition.

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Original British 27 inch by 40 inch 1-Sheet Poster