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Original British 40 inch x 60 inch 2-Sheet Poster for the 1936 William Beaudine Comedy WINDBAG THE SAILOR starring Will Hay as Captain Ben Cutlet, Moore Marriott, Graham Moffatt, Norma Varden, Kenneth Warrington, Dennis Wyndham and Amy Veness.

Windbag the Sailor was the comedy that established Will Hay, Graham Moffatt and Moore Marriott as a team and Hay is one of the three screenwriters.

The poster is in very good condition with one horizontal and 3 vertical folds. The poster, printed by W.E. Berry of Bradford, was unused and the reverse was later used by Taylors Printers of Wombwell, Yorkshire for a Robinson Crusoe pantomime poster. This is the top two thirds of a 3-Sheet poster. The lower third would have been the title and credits.

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