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Original 16 1/2 inch x 11 3/8 inch Chromolithograph titled YOU MUSTN’T TOUCH

Exhibited at Stationers Hall

From a painting “Her Favourite Pets” by Sophie Gengembre Anderson (1823 – 1903). A French-born British artist who specialised in genre painting of children and women, typically in rural settings. She began her career as a lithographer and painter of portraits, collaborating with Walter Anderson on portraits of American Episcopal bishops.

Printed by Leighton Brothers

The Leighton Brothers firm was established in 1849 by George Cargill Leighton (1826-1895), his brothers, Steven Leighton (1834-1920) and Charles Blair Leighton (1823-1855). Their firm specialized in early engravings printed in color. Experiments in printing wood engravings in colors began about 1850. The two great innovators in this field were Edmund Evans (The printer behind Kate Greenaway and Walter Crane) and George Leighton, who, after forming Leighton Brothers Company produced some of the largest color engravings of the Victorian era. In 1855, the Leighton Brothers printed the first color engraving to be issued in a ‘Christmas Supplement’ for ‘The Illustrated London News’.

From The Illustrated London News, August 21st, 1872

The engraving is in very good condition with a horizontal crease and a few edge nicks. Reverse side blank

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