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Original French 22 inch x 15 1/4 inch page with printed watercolour titled L’YSER (decembre 1914)

The Yser is a river that rises in French Flanders, enters the Belgian province of West Flanders and flows through the Ganzepoot and into the North Sea at the town of Nieuwpoort. The river was part of the front line during World War I and was the scene of trench warfare, with the Belgian and German armies dug in along both sides of the river.

Watercolour by Georges Scott (1873 – 1943). A French war correspondent and illustrator for the French magazine L’Illustration during the early 20th century. Scott specialized in military paintings and drawings and was officially appointed Painter of the Army, covering World War I in France and in the Balkans.

The page comes from the French magazine L’ILLUSTRATION, November 1915

The page is in fine condition with a vertical centre fold. Reverse side blank.

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