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Original 1945 Re-Release French 47 inch x 63 inch Poster for the 1933 Jean Vigo Comedy ZERO DE CONDUITE starring Jean Dasté, Robert le Flon, Louis Lefebvre, Delphin, Léon Larive, Madame Émile, Louis de Gonzague, Raphaël Diligent, Gilbert Pruchon, Constantin Goldstein-Kehler and Gérard de Bédarieux.

The euphoria of the Liberation in France at the end of World War 2 led to the reissue of Zero de Conduite, which opened at the Pantheon in November 1945, on the same bill with Malraux’s L’Espoir. The film was originally released in April 1933 but was then banned for 12 years as it was thought to be a threat to the maintenance of order. The plot being four rebellious young boys at a repressive French boarding school who conspire and execute a revolt against their teachers and take over the school.

Poster art by Jean Colin who was a school friend of Jean Vigo.

The poster is in very good folded condition.


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