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Original U.S. 27 inch x 41 inch 1-Sheet Poster for the 1974 Geoffrey Reeve Thriller CARAVAN TO VACCARES, based on the novel by Alistair MacLean and starring David Birney, Charlotte Rampling, Michael Lonsdale, Marcel Bozzuffi, Michael Bryant, Fran├žoise Brion and Manitas De Plata.

A British photographer (Charlotte Rampling) joins an American (David Birney) hired by a French duke (Michel Lonsdale) to smuggle an East bloc scientist to freedom.

Poster art by Robert Tanenbaum. Tanenbaum was born in 1936 and is still a working painter and portraitist today in his 80s. He attended Washington University in St Louis. After army service he worked as an illustrator for four years. His work as a movie poster illustrator was in high demand from the early 1970s through the late 1980s.

The poster is in very good folded condition with a blank sticker over the PG rating.

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Original U.S. 27 inch x 41 inch 1-Sheet Poster