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Original 1876 11 3/4 inch x 8 3/4 inch Steel Engraving titled THE LATE DAVID LIVINGSTONE, ESQ.RE LL.D.

Portrait of David Livingstone, three-quarter-length, slightly turned to the right, one hand resting on his soft forage cap on the table at his side, dressed in a dark frockcoat open over his waistcoat and trousers.

David Livingstone was a Scottish missionary and one of the greatest European explorers of Africa, whose opening up the interior of the continent contributed to the ‘Scramble for Africa’.

Engraved by Daniel John Pound (active 1850 – 1860, died 1894). Engraver, son of Sophia Caroline Booth, Joseph Mallord William Turner’s landlady and companion in later life. Pound specialised in copying carte-de-visite photographs of eminent men and women and actors and actresses in their theatrical roles, by John Jabez Edwin Mayall and other photographers, into a larger format, by stipple-engraving and line-engraving, for the London Printing and Publishing Company (1850s) and the Supplement to The Illustrated News of the World and National Portrait Gallery of Eminent Personages owned by The London Joint Stock Newspaper Company Limited (1858-1863).

After a photograph by John Jabez Edwin Mayall ( 1813 – 1901). Born in Huddersfield Mayall was a photographer who in 1860 took the first carte-de-visite photographs of Queen Victoria. He was a daguerrotyist and studio photographer, studying photography in Pennsylvania with two scientists at University. He set up a very successful business in London, in 1864.

From ‘The Royal History of England from the Earliest Period to the Present Time’ by Henry Tyrrell, W.C. Staffordf and John Sherer, Published in 1876 by J.G. Murdoch, 41, Castle Street, Holborn, London.

Image size 8 3/8 inch x 6 3/4 inch

The engraving is in very good condition with minor warping. Reverse side blank.

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