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Original 1947 Film Classics release U.S. 10 1/4 inch x 8 inch Still of CONRAD VEIDT, VALERIE HOBSON & SEBASTIAN SHAW in the 1939 Michael Powell Wartime Thriller THE SPY IN BLACK, based on a story by J. Storer Clouston.

During the First World War Captain Hardt (Conrad Veidt) is ordered to make contact in the Orkneys with a German agent posing as a schoolmistress. The British Secret Service is wise to things, and the wife (Valerie Hobson) of a naval officer takes the place of the German agent. Realizing the truth, Hardt escapes in disguise to a ferry-boat, frees the German prisoners there and tries to reach his fleet. He is blown out of the water by one of his own U-boats which is in turn sunk by a British submarine.

The still is in very good condition.


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