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Original British 17 inch x 11 inch Trade Advertisement for the 1948 David MacDonald Crime Drama GOOD TIME GIRL, based on the novel by Arthur La Bern and starring Jean Kent, Dennis Price, Flora Robson, Griffith Jones, Herbert Lom, Bonar Colleano, Peter Glenville, George Carney, Beatrice Varley, Hugh McDermott, Griffith Jones, Amy Veness, Elwyn Brook-Jones, Orlando Martins, Renee Gadd, Jill Balcon, Nora Swinburne, Diana Dors, George Merritt, Michael Hordern, Garry Marsh, Edward Lexy, Danny Green, Noel Howlett, Zena Marshall, Jane Hylton and Wally Patch.

Sent to a home for “problem” girls, Gwen Rawlings (Jean Kent) receives a crash course in petty crime. Back on the outside, she falls in with the usual bad crowd, and suffers spectacularly as a result.

Artwork by Rossiter.

The Advertisement is in very good condition with one vertical centre fold and one staple hole along it.

Trade advertisements are colourful posters aimed at cinema managers, which were either slipped in, or part of, the weekly film trade journals which were available to them by subscription but were not sold to the general public. Most were designed to be pulled out, and some were attached by staples. Most have the date in tiny letters in one of the top corners.

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Original British 17 inch x 11 inch Trade Advertisement