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Original 10 inch x 8 inch Black and White Portrait of ROBERT DE NIRO & JANE FONDA in the 1990 Martin Ritt Romance STANLEY AND IRIS.

A struggling widow falls in love with an illiterate short-order cook whom she teaches to read and write in her kitchen each night.

Photo by Steve Schapiro

Steve Schapiro’s half-century career includes definitive portraits of the stars as never before seen: Robert De Niro, in full Taxi Driver combat costume, posed in front of his cab with Mohican and an improbably chirpy smile; Jack Nicolson, nose bandaged, tongue out at the camera on the set of Chinatown; Marlon Brando, grinning with theatrical devilishness while being made up for The Godfather. Schapiro’s work is represented in many public and private collections including the Smithsonian Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, and the High Museum of Art.

He was also co-author with David Chierichetti of “The Movie Poster Book” published in 1979.

The portrait is in fine condition


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