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Original Polish 24 inch x 34 inch Poster for the 1976 Gottfried Kolditz Sci-Fi Movie IN THE DUST OF THE STARS (IM STAUB DER STERNE) starring Zephi Alsec, Violeta Andrei, Milan Beli, Jana Brejchova, Alfred Struwe and Aurelia Dumitrescu.

The Cyrno spaceship lands on the planet TEM 4 in order to respond to a call for help. The Temers deny having sent this message. As commander Akala prepares the spaceship to leave, the ruler of TEM 4 invites her and her crew to a party. Drugs mixed into the guests’ food starts to affect their consciousness, but navigator Suko, who stayed on the spacecraft for security reasons, is beginning to uncover the planet’s secret….

Poster art by Anna Mikke. Born in 1950 Anna Mikke graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lódz in 1975. After graduation, she was engaged in graphic design, including designing movie posters as well as illustrations and drawings for press in Warsaw and Paris. Since 1990 she has devoted herself primarily to painting.

The poster is in very good folded condition. There is a 2 inch tear up the vertical fold.

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Original Polish 24 inch x 34 inch Poster